And Burruss celebrating his BFF’s birthday, Shamea Morton . They shared an embarrassing message and some pictures to take with them. See what he wrote below.

‘Happy Birthday @shameamorton! My sexy badass Taurus companion! I hope you enjoy your day! Give everyone a @shameamorton one day love! And he wrote his head.

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Someone said: ‘Aaah, thank you, baby momma. I love you so much! ❤️ ‘and another follower said,’ Look at him, he could try to steal Todd as his best friend. ‘

The next one wrote: ‘They all look beautiful on their birthday,’ and the next one said: ‘You look so good Kandi, please be careful with friends! 😂😂😂 @ porsha4real ‘

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The commentator wrote: ‘Happy Birthday @shameamorton wishes many others a happy birthday ❤️’ and another said, ‘Wow And in the third picture you are Riley’s doppelgänger!’

Many people jumped at the words and praised Kandi’s beauty.

And Burruss revealed how they spend money in the days of Xscape. Check out his post on his IG account below.

And he said: ‘I’ve been making a lot of money with it! I tried to save any money when the #Xscape started. I’m a little late … 🤣 ‘

In other cases, And made fans happy with the picture about one song on Xscape Disc. See what he shared on his media account.

‘Tonight is one of my favorite songs on our first #Xscape album. Four episodes & featured each member’s voice! ‘

And he has showing off her sea body on her amazing journey. See one picture which has amazing fans.

The viewer said: “Don’t bring Porsha near your husband LOL! 🤦🏿‍♀️ ‘and someone wrote this:’ The baby said, ‘It’s too hot out here, and you took my pictures’ lol really!’



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