Ben Affleck Sends Funny Video To TikTok Star After Finding Him On This Girlfriend!

Ben Affleck Sends Funny Video To TikTok Star After Finding Him On This Girlfriend!

One TikToker named Nivine Jay once did not look like anyone else but Ben Affleck on a dating program because they believe they are cared for! However, the player became real when he sent her one piece where he not only used his name, he also asked her to find out why he didn’t look like him!

The program in question is called Raya and is widely used by various List Writers for entertainment.

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Sounds like Ben Affleck was hurt by the whole thing, a copy he sent to the TikTok star to prove it was so.

At the same time, Nivine would still be complaining and still do not believe that he can be compared to a popular player!

That being said, he made a TikTok for this and it spread because most people just don’t feel the pain of it!

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Nivine, who is also the actor in the upcoming TV show Space Juice, shared the movie yesterday and back, the popular Gia Giudice song, Waking Up In The Morning, was playing.

The video itself showed the woman shaking her head quietly and the caption read: ‘I think the moment I looked like Ben Affleck on Raya I think I was a liar so I didn’t like her and she sent me a video on Instagram.’

Not only this but he also provided real evidence, the next incident was Ben Affleck who complained that he could not be compared.

‘Nivine, why did you choose me? I am, ” said the player on camera.

The movie has resumed Twitter And that’s when Jameela Jamil’s mother filmed about The Good Place.

He acted out of humor, Tahani, in response, writing: ‘There was a time when I told my best friend * Ben Affleck not to send girls on Instagram and said’ I am ‘like a mafia boss…. -Tahani. ‘

Those who have seen the list are well aware that Tahani often mentions celebrities and seems to be close to the many who have shared their interest, telling other nations stories of violence.



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