Billie Lourd’s son Carrie Fisher in Star Wars is Magic

Billie Lourd’s son Carrie Fisher in Star Wars is Magic

It would not be too early to introduce the children to the magical queen above all… especially if they are your child’s grandmother!

Tuesday, May 4, Billie Lourd decided to write Star Wars Day having a good time with her son, Kingston Fisher Lourd Rydell. But instead of traveling or going anywhere in this country, the artist decided to stay at home to open it. Star Wars.

Fresh Instagram photo, Billie grabbed her 7-month-old son while watching grandma Carrie Fisher like Queen Leah. As you can imagine, fans couldn’t find the special moment.

“Long live the Jedi daughter and her whole family,” one writer wrote. One user added, “Grandma is always there.”

Back in September, Billie surprised fans of pop culture when she did announced the coming of her first child is a boyfriend Austen Rydell. Billie’s uncle Todd Fisher He later expressed his delight that the expert chose to honor his mother by naming their son Kingston Fisher.

As explained by E! News, “Billie has been known as Billie Lourd all her life. It’s a very loving thing to pay tribute to Carrie.”


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