Don’t be scared to be alone, goals are personal…

Don’t be scared to be alone, goals are personal…

Yes be alone,

No fear shown.

You can make your own decision,

Work on your strategy with precision.

Don’t bother for other’s opinion,

Its your rule, your goal, your choice reunion.

Let yourself be free from distraction,

Focus on your target and its attention.

Often your goals keep you away from crowd,

Stay alone, don’t be loud.

You should live with memories,

Not dreams, that’s life theory.

Learn the art to survive,

With your struggle, you can learn to dive.

See the Sun its all alone,

It still shines bright, path shown.

Be alone and write your story,

Else someone else will use-you for their glory.

You will reach awesome level of freedom,

Oh don’t worry about any stardom.

Many unsuccessful years makes you successful,

Only believe in yourself, forget time awful.

Give up everything that weighs you down,

You can fly up and wear the crown.

The loner always have time to explore,

Search every wonder of the world and adore.

Success not an accident, its hard work,

Your perseverance, learning don’t shirk.

Silence is full of answers, no commotion,

Old ways don’t open new door as option.

So alone you can achieve your goals.

Just fit in the right role…in the right role


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