‘I’m from Boston, we do not have strong accents’ – CBS Boston

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – LSU head coach Brian Kelly is a Massachusetts man throughout. He was born in Everett, raised in Chelsea and educated in Danvers and Worcester.

So when he arrived at LSU after dropping Notre Dame in the middle of the season in November, it was impossible for anyone to ignore Kelly’s sudden development of a southern accent.

“It’s a great night to be a tiger. I’m here with my family and we’re so happy to be in the great state of Louisiana!” Kelly happily addressed an audience at an LSU basketball game.

It was a little jarring, considering Kelly had never spoken like Colonel Sanders in his life. And the internet mocked his sudden bending change.

Tuesday night, while watching his Tigers play in their bowl game, he addressed the matter in a typical Masshole way.

“Whether it was dancing or I could not get my accent down with ‘family,'” Kelly told the ESPN team as he discussed some recent criticisms, “Listen, I’m from Boston. We do not have strong accents. . “

Such a comment confused many people on Twitter …

… But everyone from Boston quickly captured the dry sense of humor and subtle sarcasm.

To anyone who able to have been confused, you see, the joke is that people do has strong accents in Boston. There are movies, comedy sketches, TV commercials (including a Super Bowl ad), clothes, posters and various other accessories that celebrate this… unique way of speaking.

That’s the joke.

Of course, Kelly’s delivery may have confused the nation to some degree. But the 60-year-old clearly enjoyed himself a little at his own expense with a little bit of gag. It does not require a Harvard graduate to know that.


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