Fact or Fiction: Oklahoma is in big trouble

In today’s Fact or Fiction national columnist Mike Farrell looks at three major recent topics in college football and decides if each statement is really FACTS or if it is FICTION.

1. Oklahoma can be in big trouble.

Mario Williams

Mario Williams (USA Today Sports Images)

Farrell’s Take: FACTS. Well, “big trouble” is relative, but it’s not good for Oklahoma. Star players like Caleb Williams and Mario Williams on their way to the transfer portal do not show much confidence in the Sooners’ offensive without Lincoln Riley.

And as everyone can probably see, Riley’s offense is what made OU successful during his tenure. Now maybe with Brent Venables leading the attack, the defense will be better and defensive recruitment will be better. But attacks will still be king in the Big 12 and down the line in the SEC. Let’s see if the Sooners remain an offensive magnet for elite recruits.



2. Jim Harbaugh goes to the NFL.

Farrell’s Take: FICTION. I’m not buying it. Jim Harbaugh took a pay cut last year and brought his team to the playoffs this year, so of course posting will occur. And yes, the college head coach job is not as attractive as it was even a few years ago with the transfer portal and the NIL, but Harbaugh is a Michigan man and has work back in Ann Arbor.

He may be a better NFL coach, but I do not see him leaving the Wolverines after bringing them that far.



3. Caleb Williams ends up heading west.

Caleb Williams

Caleb Williams (USA Today Sports Images)

Farrell’s Take: FACTS. I’m guessing, okay? I hear USC as a potential landing place for Williams because of Riley, but I hear UCLA just as much or more now. And if Williams wants NIL and offensive comfort, he can not go wrong either way.

Georgia is in there just like others, but with two programs in Los Angeles that seem to pique Williams’ interest, I want to uncover my efforts.

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