Elmo’s petty hatred for a pet rock is the best by 2022 so far

Well, we now know the true source of Hellmo GIF.

Thanks to the omicron rise and the Americans who saw the little tab of social normality we got during a very long pandemic slip through our fingers, is a now viral video of Elmo from “Sesame Street” being driven to the edge of His sense of a rock, directly disintegrating.

The video, which was posted on Monday by Twitter user @wumbooty, shows the typically laid-back and optimistic Muppet, who is definitely losing the cold, as his best friend, Zoe, offers a cookie for his pet rock, Rocco, instead of him.

“No, wait, Elmo. Rocco says he wants the oatmeal raisin cake,” Zoe says in the short clip after Elmo has expressed interest in eating it.

“Rocco ?!” Elmo answers. “Rocco is a rock, Zoe! Rocco will not know the difference!

After Zoe tries to explain that Rocco is somehow a sentient lump of earth with a seemingly sweet tooth, Elmo walks off his rocker on the cliff.

“How is Rocco going to eat that cookie, Zoe ?!” Elmo shouts. “Tell Elmo! Rocco does not even have a mouth! Rocco is just a rock! Rocco is not alive!”

The video of Elmo unleashing his inner furious Cookie Monster has gained so much momentum on Twitter in the past few days that Elmo even felt compelled to respond to the clip online Wednesday and inform his fans that he and Zoe have come past this obstacle in their friendship and have learned to share.

But Elmo also confirmed that Rocco is actually his nemesis.

“Elmo does not want to talk about Rocco,” he wrote.

Apparently, Elmo’s beef with Rocco has been grilled on a hot grill of hatred for decades. Polygon reports that Rocco was first introduced on “Sesame Street” in a 1999 episode called “Zoe’s Pet Rock, Rocco,” and Elmo “has not known peace since.” Fans of “Sesame Street” shared lots of other instances where Elmo took off on Rocco with all the related energy of being forced to hang out with the one person you can’t stand, but your best friend keeps on invite to each and every one of your excursions.

People also had lots of funny reactions to Elmo’s general hostility towards Rocco:

Although Elmo’s jealousy (or geo-miserable? Sorry) has been going on for years, it feels really comforting to see it shared with the masses at this moment. At a time when everyone radiates all sorts of beliefs that may not be rooted in any kind of reality, it’s really nice to see a puppet call another doll for his bs.


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