Israeli AI drug discovery, Protai, raises $ 8 million

The company has built an end-to-end AI-based platform that extensively maps a disease course at the protein level. Israeli AI-powered drug discovery firm Protai today announced the completion of a $ 8 million seed funding round, led by Grove Ventures and Pitango HealthTech. The company … Read More

Improvement vs. e-commerce – modest money

Automatically generated portfolios Very low management fees Offers Fractional Shares Excellent customer service No account minimum Does not offer Fractional Shares Those who want to break into the market may weigh their options across multiple applications and brokerage firms. Potential investors can complete their search … Read More

At the end of business

Creating headlines, WA is registering five new local cases of COVID-19, a $ 40 million expansion of Coogee’s chlor-alkali plant approved, and Troy Resources is recapitalizing in an effort to save the company. Read More

PSC urges Obiena, Juico, POC to sit down and talk

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Who bought who in 2021

The business travel industry’s merger and acquisition activity in 2021, while undoubtedly less intense than some pandemic predictions had predicted, was nonetheless fresh, particularly in the travel management business sector. American Express Global Business Travel’s acquisitions of Egencia and Ovation Travel Group were some of … Read More