Brownsville Police Says Their Investigation Did Not Validate Tisha Campbell’s Attempted Kidnapping Story

Tisha Campbell took to social media on January 28 with a serious message: “be overly conscious” of yourself and your surroundings. The longtime actress recounted a story about almost being “snatched up.” Per her story, Tisha called a taxi to her hotel, but when a “sketchy” van pulled up with two men inside, her guard shot straight up. Thankfully, Tisha left the situation unharmed.

Brownsville Police Respond

However, two days after Tisha detailed her experience on Instagram, the Brownsville Police Department said they can not validate her story.

“Upon reviewing facts presented by Ms. Campbell in her video, BPD Investigators quickly launched an investigation as such cases are not the norm in our city, ”the department wrote on Facebook on January 30.“ Through numerous interviews and reviews of security camera footage, we could not validate Ms. Campbell’s stay in Brownsville hotels nor any other claims made in the video. ”

The Texas-based department said they also learned of Tisha’s story through social media.

“Regrettably, our department became aware of Ms. Campbell’s ordeal via social media and not through traditional reporting means as would be expected from a victim of an attempted heinous crime, ”Brownsville police wrote.

Tisha’s Story

As previously reported, Tisha said the situation went down while filming in a location with no available Ubers. So, she decided to get the number for a taxi service. When the van arrived, the man in the back seat got out and stood there. Tisha says she initially believed the passenger’s ride had ended at her location. But, he started demanding Tisha get inside the van and she said “no.”

“I look inside the car, it’s f **** d up,” Tisha said. “The rubber is pulled up from the bottom; there’s dirt everywhere. The back seat looked like it was snatched out and snatched out for af ****** g reason. ”

At this point, the driver starts demanding Tisha enter the van. She refused again. The other man starts “mushing” Tisha’s body towards the car.

One of the men then tell her to get in the front seat. She’s able to leave the situation and speaks to the front desk person about the number. The front desk person says, “Why would he give you this number?”

“If Tony Rivera had not schooled me and my friends on what to look for, SH * T would have been real different. PLUS I do not sound like I look. Also I am thankful to the production for their concern and their understanding, ”Tisha wrote in the caption of the posted video.

Tisha wrote that she feels it was “a setup / it was a setup fo real.”

An estimated 400,000 people in the United States are living in human trafficking situations. About 60 percent of those people are women. Roommates, remember to be alert while traveling at all times. Contact proper authorities in situations of emergency. Let’s send Tisha love during this time.

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