COPD: Can marijuana help?

As more states approve marijuana for medical use, it seems that its benefits – both possible and proven – are growing like, well, weeds. The drug, which comes from the cannabis plant, is used to relieve nerve pain, alleviate nausea during chemotherapy, treat glaucoma and … Read More

Omicron variant increases concerns and gives momentum to COVID-19 boostershots; May motivate a small percentage of unvaccinated adults to get an initial shot

The emergence of the omicron COVID-19 variant encourages many already vaccinated adults to get a recommended booster injection, but provides only a small motivation for unvaccinated adults to get a first shot, shows a new KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor- rapid response study. Posted from 15.-20. … Read More

How health informatics can help improve care

What is health informatics and how is it used? ISACA adviser and media spokesman Neil Lappage notes that “if you ask 10 different people about health informatics, you will get 10 different answers.” It makes sense – as a budding field, informatics is driven by … Read More


Posted by Larry Gleeson The American Film Institute (AFI) has announced that it will postpone the AFI AWARDS luncheon scheduled to take place on Friday, January 7th. In response to the growing concern about the current state of health, the organization will reschedule the long-awaited … Read More