A timeline of when cities from Dallas to Detroit can expect snow and ice

A street sign warns drivers of ice prevention operations on highways ahead of winter weather in Dallas, on Tuesday.
A street sign warns drivers of ice prevention operations on highways ahead of winter weather in Dallas, on Tuesday. (LM Otero / AP)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said his state is feverishly preparing for the approaching winter storm.

“The State of Texas is working around the clock to respond robustly to the substantial winter storm that is expected to impact our state over the coming days,” Abbott said in a news release on Tuesday.

“Every state agency is in close communication and coordination to provide resources and valuable information to keep Texans safe during these winter weather conditions. Texans are urged to avoid driving on roads and closely monitor weather conditions and guidance from local and state officials over the coming days as we work together to keep our loved ones safe, “he stated.

According to the news release, the governor also addressed how the state is bolstering its generation capacity.

“The Governor addressed power generation capacity ahead of the incoming winter weather and discussed the additional generation the state has brought online to strengthen the resiliency of the electric grid. ERCOT [Electric Reliability Council] forecasts that the electric grid will be reliable and there will be enough power supply to meet demand. The PUC (Public Utility Commission of Texas) has completed a multi-month inspection process of power generators and over 99 percent have winterized their facilities. The generation and transmission system meet and exceed federal winterization standards. The state has also identified critical natural gas infrastructure to ensure these facilities maintain power and operations during the winter weather. The PUC will continue to monitor grid conditions across the state. Additionally, ERCOT will monitor weather conditions and will update electricity demand forecasts as the weather event progresses. ”

The Texas Department of Transportation started pre-treating roads on Sunday and will continue to do so in the coming days. In the meantime, Abbott is urging residents to stay off the roads whenever possible.

The governor also warned residents to avoid bringing generators into their homes because of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Portions of Texas are under a winter weather advisory, winter storm warning, and a winter storm watch, according to the National Weather Service.


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