Los Angeles Lakers, Game 7

(Photo by Ronald Martinez / Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

Game 7. These two words alone are enough to send a chill down the spines of sports fans. It marks the epitome of the playoffs, a series that comes down to an all-or-nothing game. There are few things better in basketball games than a post-season game that results in one last chance. The expectation is high and more often than not delivering the game.

The Los Angeles Lakers have played in 24 Game 7s over the years and have collected 17 NBA championships. There is something additional especially by wearing purple and gold during the playoffs. The Lakers have a rich history that goes back to the organization that moved from Minneapolis to Los Angeles before the start of the 1960-61 season.


No player for the Los Angeles Lakers has won more than five championships with the team.

Kobe Bryant is the latest player to be tied to many other names for that recognition. Jerry West and Elgin Baylor are a draw, having each played nine Game 7s over the course of their careers to lead the Lakers in this statistic.

Not every playoff series results in a Game 7, but the most exciting ones do. To celebrate the start of the normal 2021-22 season, I decided to rank the organization’s best individual Game 7 performance. I also didn’t limit it to just the NBA Finals Game 7s.

The list is not ranked solely by the highest number of points scored or other statistics, but instead by some of the most effective, most effective demonstrations. I also wanted to be sure to include the players who came before my time. There’s only one Laker on the list that was part of a losing streak (you’re probably already thinking of his name in your head). All the other nine players came out with a win, which was a deciding factor.

Each of the 10 players on the list was only included once, otherwise the ranking would have been too repetitive. I used Stathead and StatMuse to compile both the Game 7 stats and the playoff stats. Let’s go ahead and get into the lineup.

Here are the top 10 individual Game 7 achievements in the history of the Los Angeles Lakers organization, from my perspective.



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