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Three young girls died in NZ murder | The Canberra Times

Three young girls died in NZ murder |  The Canberra Times

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Three young girls have been found dead in a household on the South Island, prompting New Zealand police to launch a murder case. Rescue services discovered the gruesome scene after being called to a home in Timaru around 10pm on Thursday night. News Stuff reports that the dead are twin girls of three years and their sister of seven years. A fourth person Stuff reports is a woman and the suspected killer has been taken to Timaru Hospital. Neighbors have told local media that they heard a man screaming and crying and saying “is this really happening?” Superintendent John Price is due to hold a media conference on the investigation on Friday afternoon. Detective Inspector Scott Anderson said NZ police “spoke to people from the address and no one else is being sought at the moment”. The deaths are the second tragedy in so many months to hit the South Island community. Last month, five teenage boys were killed in a one-car accident in which only the 19-year-old driver survived. That crash was the South Island’s worst car accident in a number of years. Timuro Mayor Nigel Bowen told the Otago Daily Times that his city of about 30,000 has endured “layers of tragedy”. “I think society will think, why is this happening in a place like ours?” he said. “There is a lot of pressure on society at the moment, you have to question the support around mental health.” Are we doing things right in this country? I question that we probably are not. “Australian Associated Press


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