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Study flash started | Brimbank and Nordvest

Study flash started |  Brimbank and Nordvest

Tara Murray

Do you – or a VCE student you know – need extra help at the last minute before the exam?

An Equal Ed and Brimbank Council-run VCE study flash can help.

The online program will offer student support across a range of subjects.

Just Ed’s Jeffrey Lai said the social enterprise had planned to run the flash in person at Sydenham Neighborhood House, but it will now be held online due to lockdown restrictions.

“Many year 12s, especially in the area by the end of the year, are looking for extra support,” he said.

“Some are struggling and it’s a stressful time for them. Through the Sydenham Neighborhood house, we will have educators and offer different strategies and free support. ”

Lai, along with Edward Le and Liam Cross, has previously provided in-house support during exams in 2018 and 2019.

So far, more than 30 people have pre-registered for sessions this year.

Lai said the last two years had been tough for students and teachers.

“A lot of people are zoomed out, and maybe something learned in a different way can help.”

The sessions start next week and last until October 19th.

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