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Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson mourns the loss of mental conditioning coach, ‘best friend’ Trevor Moawad

Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson mourns the loss of mental conditioning coach, ‘best friend’ Trevor Moawad

RENTON, Wash. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was emotional Thursday while remembering Trevor Moawad, a member of his inner circle who died of cancer at the age of 48 this week.

Moawad was Wilson’s longtime mental-conditioning coach, business partner and, in the quarterback’s words, his best friend.

Asked about Moawad during his weekly press conference, Wilson stopped, cleared his throat and prepared his answer by telling reporters that the topic may be difficult for him to talk about.

“When I think of my relationship with Trevor, I think of a man who was humble, I think of a man who always served, who always gave back, who was always dedicated to working and helping everyone,” Wilson said. “And everyone he helped, it seemed like they were always getting better.”

Wilson spoke for eight minutes in a row about Moawad and only remembered when they met in 2012. Wilson trained prior to the NFL draft at the IMG Academy, where Moawad was director of performance, a role that included mental-conditioning work with potential NFLs. players. He then told Wilson that the quarterback’s mind would separate him. They started working together regularly after Wilson’s pro day.

“From that moment on, ever since, he’s been my best friend,” Wilson said of their first IMG meeting. “We spent so much time together through the highest, highest, highest of the highest moments to some of the lowest moments. To the moments when we won the Super Bowl, to the moment when we did not win it, unfortunately. He always has been there for me. He is a guy who always gave me perspective and gave me knowledge and insight. “

Wilson credits Moawad for helping him move past the Seahawks’ stunning loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX, which was decided when Malcolm Butler intercepted Wilson at the finish line. Wilson immediately left Seattle for his home in the San Diego area, where Moawad moved in for about a month. At the dinner table, they talked about not letting that moment affect the rest of Wilson’s career.

Wilson often cites the importance of “neutral thinking,” a concept Moawad introduced him to. He told ESPN in 2019 that his work with Moawad is “one of the most significant things I do.”

Moawad – a native of Lakewood, Washington – also worked for the Jacksonville Jaguars as well as several college programs, including Alabama, Georgia and Florida State.

He and Wilson were among the co-founders of a business coaching consulting firm called Limitless Minds, which takes Moawad’s teaching to the business world. The company tweeted in an overnight statement that Moawad had “quietly and bravely fought cancer with grace and strength” for the past two years.

“He hid it in the sense that he just didn’t want to influence other people,” Wilson said. “He would not make people feel sorry for him or feel sorry for him, and I said to him, ‘Trevor, man, people love you.'”

Wilson recalled a few of the things Moawad would regularly tell him, including an oft-repeated phrase, “The best is ahead.”

Wilson’s voice became a little unstable as he ended his press conference in appreciation of Moawad: “The last thing I want to say is, Trev, I thank you. I thank you. I wish I could talk to you again. But I “See you again. See you again. The best is yet to come.”


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