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People: The Insurance Octopus; Browne Jacobson; Open money; Sixteen real estate; CarMoney; Jefferies Lawyers

People: The Insurance Octopus;  Browne Jacobson;  Open money;  Sixteen real estate;  CarMoney;  Jefferies Lawyers


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Sales-based commercial insurance broker, The Insurance Octopus, has appointed Helen Bush to the role of director, the top position in the company.

Helen has held the position of Head of Finance and Support Services for 11 years and has been instrumental in the success of the company.

Insurance Octopus provides bespoke insurance to around 35,000 small businesses.

Having built a successful career in several departments, Helen has had an impact on all aspects of the business. Prior to joining The Insurance Octopus, Helen worked as Media Manager at Mediavest.

She said: “I am really honored to be in charge of The Insurance Octopus. I have been in the business for more than a decade and in that time we have never stood still.

“I have always had a drive to improve the business areas, create solutions and implement strategies to make things simpler and faster for our customers and colleagues. Delivering that approach across the entire company is now exciting, and it is very rewarding to be able to take our people on that journey and then see the results. ”

She added: “My main focus as a director is to take us to the next level. We are implementing new technology to make things even faster and smoother for our customers. We are also increasing our presence in the cyber market, which is an increasingly important market for small businesses. ”

The Octopus insurance was founded in 2008 and now employs 90 people and achieved a Gross Written Premium (GWP) of £ 19 million. In the financial year ending April 2021. The insurance broker was also recognized for his exceptional customer service with the Feefo’s Platinum Trusted Service award, and earlier this year was announced as a finalist at the British Insurance Awards.

Helen said: “In the early stages of my career at The Insurance Octopus, I could see that the company had potential. I have spent the last 11 years helping grow The Insurance Octopus from a startup to now an established commercial insurance broker. We have differentiated ourselves from other brokers by taking the complexity out of the insurance and making it simple and straightforward for our clients. The journey of the octopus has been unique and I look forward to supporting the entire team in the future. ”

Insurance Octopus was acquired by Manchester-based Verastar Group, which provides a range of services to small businesses, in 2016.

Helen added: “Being part of the Verastar group unlocks a great growth potential for us. We are able to deliver a unique offering to Verastar customers and strengthen the Verastar Group’s offering as a multi-service provider. ”

Lee Hull, CEO of Verastar, said: “Helen is an excellent leader and the work she has done to grow The Insurance Octopus is phenomenal. Helen already has exciting plans in place to strengthen and shape the insurance squid for the future. She is well equipped to take the lead and reach out to new markets in the insurance industry. ”


The law firm Browne Jacobson has welcomed 17 new internship attorneys to its scheme for 2021-2023 as it continues to grow its national business.

The new recruits have joined 17 interns already at the firm, bringing the total number of intern attorneys at Browne Jacobson to 34.

The trainees are shared across the company’s national five-office network and include two in Manchester, three in Birmingham, one in Exeter, four in London and seven in Nottingham.

They will work across different key sectors and service lines for the company, including construction, corporate finance, employment, financial services, insolvency, commercial, education, retail, banking, social care, technical requirements, real estate, litigation, clinical negligence and investigations. and advisory.

Seven of the new starters have come through the company’s successful holiday scheme, which was launched in 2015. The summer holiday scheme gives potential trainees the opportunity to perform real work while learning more about the company.

Richard Medd

Six of the interns are also internal graduates, where the firm has discovered the potential for people around the firm to develop into the lawyers of the future.

Richard Medd, managing partner at Browne Jacobson, said: “I am so excited to welcome our new interns to the company. We get so many high quality applications, I am convinced that we have appointed the best people to support the future needs of our business and our customers and to add to the vibrant human culture that the company is known for.

“We are seeing strong growth across the company, and we have been able to speed up the start date for seven interns who were to start with us in 2022. It is a brilliant reflection on the strength of our business and how the economy is improving. from the impact of the pandemic. ”

He added: “Our interns are exposed to a wide range of legal issues and the company’s diverse and high quality customer portfolio. It gives them a good foundation for their legal career and lets them see and develop connections to themselves and the company that help the company strengthen our client offering. ”


Financial Services provider OpenMoney has been preparing for a new period of expansion with the appointment of Symeon Breen as the new chief technical officer.

Symeon joins from a recent role as Vice President of Engineering at Acuant, the US digital identity platform that acquired Hello Soda, a Manchester-based provider of ID verification, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions .

He was part of the executive team that over four years took Hello Soda from start-up to a multinational company serving more than 175 countries and territories around the world. Symeon joins Manchester-based OpenMoney with an ambition to instill its brand ingenuity, work ethic and strategic flair at the forefront of a new era of financial services growth.

Symeon Breen

Symeon said: “Throughout my career, I have always been firmly committed to encouraging personal growth in teams and challenging myself – the role of OpenMoney allows me to do just that. OpenMoney is a great, value-driven business that needs to increase its operations, somewhere my experience of driving fast growth will probably be a real benefit.

“Anthony Morrow and the team at OpenMoney have such an inspiring and clear vision around the democratization of financial advice. My first priorities will be to translate the bright vision into an actionable strategy that has core pillars and a clear direction, enabling the OpenMoney team to make rapid progress, reach new heights and expand its audience. ”

Symeon, who begins his new role from October 1, will work in a hybrid capacity between the home and OpenMoney’s Manchester offices.

Anthony Morrow, founder of OpenMoney, said: “Symeon has an incredible reputation in the world of FinTech as a CTO that is a real vanguard of growth. His relentless work ethic and strategic approach is exactly what OpenMoney requires, as we want to bring our financial services to more people than ever before. ”

He added: “We have a mission to let people get the most out of their money, and our appointment of Symeon is an important ingredient in our new recipe for advancement.”


Sixteen Real Estate have made yet another new deal for their Manchester team, with Josh Levy joining Andy Backhouse in the industry department.

Josh Levy

Josh started his career in real estate almost 10 years ago, initially in the housing sector with roles ranging from dealer, real estate sales consultant, valuer and director. In 2019, he moved into the industrial sector and joined Stenprop as his first customer engagement manager.

He said: “I am pleased to announce that I have now come to Andy Backhouse at Sixteen Real Estate, where I can see a positive and exciting future ahead. The industrial market is a very fluid / fast movement to be involved in, and since we came to Sixteen Real Estate, it is clear to see that we have the passion and the ability to deliver optimal results for our customers. ”

Andy Backhouse said: “I am thrilled that Josh has joined, he brings with him a wide range of qualities, experiences and a great attitude. His addition to the team will only help strengthen the first-class service and advice we provide our clients. ”


CarMoney, the Scottish motor finance company, has appointed Cheshire-based Rebecca Wright, an experienced car sales representative, as its new regional sales manager in the North West.

Rebecca, whose seven years with Audi UK saw her go from sales to management, joins a team determined to expand the CarMoney brand across the region.

CarMoney said it is disrupting the UK-wide market by using technology to eliminate the hassle of buying a car by helping guests navigate the process smoothly, all the way from choosing the right vehicle from a reputable dealer to putting it on best finance package in place.

Rebecca said: “I joined CarMoney because I was attracted to the corporate culture. It is a place I will stay and develop in the knowledge that I will have the full support of my colleagues.

“I am already reaching out to car dealers throughout the Northwest with a package of enhanced services to make it easier for them to sell cars.

Rebecca Wright

“Our team is highly experienced and motivated to spread the word about the excellence of the CarMoney approach, which is focused on helping car dealers sell more cars, as well as establishing new car dealers and caring for our current customers.”

Alastair Grier, MD for CarMoney, said: “We warmly welcome our growing team of professionals in the automotive industry. She will play a key role in spreading our message of expertise in the North West of England and beyond. ”

Rising demand for e-commerce transactions means CarMoney is accelerating its advances in recruitment, technology, operational performance and peer training.

CarMoney works with fintech companies, AutoConvert and Xero, to increase efficiency and to give customers and dealer partners a faster and smoother experience when financing a car.

The company that secured DKK 879 million. Pound approved car financing in 2020 for 6,805 cars, up from 5,736 in 2018, is divided into retail and dealer teams. The retail team provides borrowers with a guaranteed financing package before buying a car, putting them in the best possible position to negotiate price.


The personal injury company Jefferies Solicitors, based in Altrincham, has got a new lawyer to join its disastrous claims team, and a new admin assistant joined the Inception team in the last few weeks.

Emily Markham

Paralegal Francesca Farrelly brings a wealth of experience to the disaster management team, having worked as a lawyer in various disaster management teams since graduating from the University of Sheffield in 2018.

Emily Markham joins the new query team, Inception, as an Assistant Administrator following the completion of a PGDL from BPP Leeds in August after studying criminology at Northumbria University, where she completed a first.

She said: “I am really looking forward to starting my career with Jefferies. I can not wait to apply what I have learned in my PGDL. ”

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