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Pack a pair of AirPods Pro with an innovative book overview app for almost $ 300 off

Pack a pair of AirPods Pro with an innovative book overview app for almost $ 300 off

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There never seems to be enough time in the day, and this is especially true when trying to research, study, or absorb new information for educational, professional, or personal improvement. When you are on a deadline and have a few hours to waste, each piece of information has value that you cannot afford to lose, but unfortunately these efforts are routinely sacrificed due to time constraints.

The ability to quickly complete projects while still retaining information is a rare asset that does not come naturally to most people. However, an innovative method of doing just that is part of it Package Learn Smart Lifetime Subscription, which includes a 12-minute microbook library and a pair of Apple AirPods Pro.

Upgrade your audio setup with earphones that have an Amazon rating of 4.8 stars out of five, and listen to interesting summaries anytime, anywhere with a 12-minute lifetime premium subscription that gives you access to hundreds of microbooks. These books can be digested in text or narrative form at any time.

Together, this bundle will usually cost almost $ 700, but a time-limited discount lowers this price to just $ 279.

AirPods Pro provides active noise reduction to create an immersive experience, while transparency mode allows you to hear your surroundings without taking them out. A custom fit ensures comfort, while the accompanying wireless charging box eliminates any concern about low battery.

12min gives users access to 2,500 microbooks in 24 different categories, and each month you get 30 new options designed to be read within about 12 minutes, allowing for optimized learning on the go. The setup supports three languages ​​- English, Spanish and Portuguese – and contains summaries of many popular bestsellers.

Absorb information with increased efficiency, and listen for sharper, cleaner sound by purchasing The Learn Smart Lifetime Subscription Bundle for only $ 279 (reg. $ 648).

Prices are subject to change.


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