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NSW crime: Mohammed Skaf was released on parole, released from prison in October

NSW crime: Mohammed Skaf was released on parole, released from prison in October

The infamous schoolgirl rapist Mohammed Skaf is being released from prison in a few weeks after spending large parts of his adult life behind bars.

A notorious rapist jailed for 22 years for a series of “horrific” attacks on women and girls will be released from prison in a few weeks.

Mohammed Skaf was just 17 when he and a group of young men, led by his big brother Bilal Skaf, sexually assaulted several women across the city in up to the 2020 Sydney Olympics.

The State Parole Authority (SPA) confirmed that he would be released from prison between October 1 and 8.

He will be subject to some of the most stringent conditions for parole in the state, such as electronic surveillance around the clock.

Skaf will also have to comply with ongoing psychological interventions, he may not contact his victims or fellow criminals and is not allowed in Liverpool, Fairfield, Blacktown and Parramatta LGAs.

He must also comply with the conditions and requirements of the child protection register.

Any breach of the terms will result in Skaf returning to prison.

“The release of Skaf at the end of his full 23-year sentence without extensive supervision and conditions would pose an unacceptable risk,” the SPA said in a statement.

“The authority recognizes the distress that the probation decision may cause his victims and the wider community.

“The difficult task of reintegrating him into society has been carefully considered.”

Skaf is now 38 and had spent most of his adult life in prison. He was first eligible for parole in 2018, but was denied on three occasions.

Last month, the state legislature heard that there was now little choice left for the board as the end of Skaf’s ruling awaited.

Granting probation was the only option because it was not possible to integrate Skaf into the community via ‘external leave’ as work or for community service due to the Covid outbreak, Judge David Frearson said.

But he had to complete a rehabilitation course before he could get parole.

Skaf spoke with Judge Frearson on August 27, after he was told he should be “very, very careful” and “stay out of trouble”.

“Of course. Thank you, sir,” replied Skaf.

Skaf has repeatedly denied responsibility and blamed his victims for the series of rapes that shocked the country.

He was initially given a 31-year prison sentence, but his sentence was reduced to 22 years, 11 months and 30 days on appeal.

His prison sentence expires on January 1, 2024.

Skaf has spent two decades behind bars, battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma.


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