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Indianapolis Colts appear on new season version of ‘Hard Knocks’

Indianapolis Colts appear on new season version of ‘Hard Knocks’

For the past 20 years Hard blows gave NFL fans a look behind the curtain at the anxiety (player cuts) and cheerfulness (getting a damn snack with Rex Ryan on the Jets) that is characteristic of every training camp. But everyone around football knows that there is a different feeling as soon as the matches count and no matter how much access Hard blows had, it was never able to capture the rising tension and wild mood swings that arrive as soon as the normal season begins and the fights begin to count.

On Thursday night, the NFL announced a season version of Hard blows which will feature the Indianapolis Colts, who lack drama, even without ubiquitous cameras and microphones. The series premieres on November 17 (22:00 ET) on HBO and streaming on HBO Max and talk with plenty of behind-the-scenes focus on quarterback Carson Wentz as he tries to revive his career after his trade from the Philadelphia Eagles reunites with coach Frank Reich and linebacker Darius Leonard, one of the game’s best defenders. The Colts also have one of the most colorful and honest owners in sports in Jim Irsay.

The Colts were a playoff team last year with Philip Rivers, but for an example of what has been going on already this year: Both Wentz and All-Pro guard Quenton Nelson underwent foot surgery early in training camp but made quick recoveries, Wentz spent time on the COVID-19 list and has explained he is unvaccinated and the Colts lost the season opener to the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday. They are hosting the rams this week.

New sections of Hard blows of the season: Indianapolis Colts premieres every Wednesday until the end of the Colts season, which means that we can theoretically also get a post-season edition of Hard blows, also.

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