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Canberra Detects 30 New Coronavirus Cases | Lithgow Mercury

Canberra Detects 30 New Coronavirus Cases |  Lithgow Mercury

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Canberra has registered 30 new COVID-19 cases in which ACT chief executive Andrew Barr described the figure as ‘not good’. A source could be found for 19 of these, including 15 people who were household contacts with existing infections. Of the most recent cases, at least 14 were in the community during some of their infectious period and 12 were in quarantine at all times. This is the ACT’s second highest number of daily cases since the lockdown began five weeks ago. Sir. Barr indicated it was too early to know if Friday’s numbers were a one-time commitment. “But it’s clear this is not a good number,” he told reporters. Chief Health Officer Kerryn Coleman warned that the figure at this point did not indicate an upward trend. Epidemiologists noted, however, that the effective reproductive rate – which represents how many people will pass it on – had crept over one. In August, 30 new daily cases were recorded, while 32 infections were reported over a 24-hour period earlier in the month. Case numbers have generally hovered between teens and 20s. Authorities conducting a compliance blitz have closed some residential construction sites. Barr described the public health violations as “unforgivable” a week after housing construction was allowed to restart. “It’s simply not good enough and the sites have been shut down,” he said. Police checks on major roads in and out of ACT will increase when school holidays begin on Saturday. “It’s a timely reminder that you can’t travel anywhere for a vacation. You can’t leave ACT unless you have a major cause,” Barr said. NSW has registered 1248 new infections and 12 more deaths, as the pressure on the hospital system is expected to spill over into ACT. Barr announced that he would raise the issue of hospital capacity with his territory, state and federal leaders at the National Cabinet. “It looks quite scary all over Australia based on the modeling,” he said. In ACT, eight people are in the hospital with the virus. One of them is on intensive care that requires ventilation. Meanwhile, the proportion of the territory’s eligible population for complete vaccination sits at 52.3 percent. Just over 76 percent have received a dose. About 98 percent of Canberra’s elderly care staff have met the national vaccination deadline for at least one dose. Of those, 83 percent are fully vaccinated. Australian Associated Press


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