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Bread shop factory

Bread shop factory

The CBD delicatessen and pasta shop jump aboard the lockdown bakery with homemade goods — including Oomite rolls, focaccia and chocolate bombolini — every Saturday.

A wide range of restaurants and cafes in Sydney have spun themselves into bakeries for lockdown. The latest? CBD deli and pasta shop Fabbrica. Every Saturday, the house baker Aniruddha Bhosekar fires up the oven and makes a bunch of sweets and things to take with her.

For taste, think of homemade sausage rolls with brown sauce; prosciutto cotto (cooked prosciutto) and provolone pie; porchetta and gravy panino; and Oomite rolls. Sweet teeth are saturated with sfogliatelle (filled with vanilla cream or ricotta and semolina); chocolate or vanilla bombolini; cinnamon buns; a variety of pies – including strawberries and mascarpone, and coffee and watt seeds; and dark chocolate cake.

Plus, get freshly baked bread: sourdough bread, focaccia with a variety of fillings (including tomato and anchovies, rosemary and pink salt and chili honey with black sesame); and fougasse.

While you are there, we strongly recommend picking up a bottle of natural wine, or maybe a pasta packet or maybe some cheese to put a piece of your newly purchased sourdough in.

11.00-16.00 (or until sold out).

More information and menu here.

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