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Watch Pro Shot video by Udo Dirkschneider performing at accepting classics at Belgium’s Alcatraz Festival

Watch Pro-Shot Video Of UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER Performing ACCEPT Classics At Belgium's ALCATRAZ Festival
Watch Pro Shot video by Udo Dirkschneider performing at accepting classics at Belgium’s Alcatraz Festival

Professionally filmed video footage of DIRKSCHNEIDER‘s August 14 performance on Alcatraz festival in Kortrijk, Belgium can be seen below (courtesy of ART).

The band’s set list was as follows:

01. Starlight

02. Living For Tonite

03. Midnight Mover

04. Restless and Wild / Son Of A Bitch

05. Princess of dawn

06. Scream for a love bite

07. Up to the limit

08. Metal heart

09. Fast as a shark

10. Balls to the wall

Five years after announcing that he would be going on a special tour where he would perform ACCEPT songs one last time during DIRKSCHNEIDER banner before closing this chapter for good, earlier ACCEPT lead singer Udo Dirkschneider continues to play ACCEPT material on selected shows, including on Alcatraz festival.

Asked in a recent interview with Made of metal if he is still being asked ACCEPT by various journalists around the world, You do said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Does not [by] so many more. I think this is over now. Sometimes they ask me, ‘Do you listen to what they do?’ I say yes. ‘ I mean, of course [on] Youtube, you see [clips of the current ACCEPT band], and I hear that, of course. But it is in a way far away for me. That’s my story, of course – I did ACCEPT; I created ACCEPT. I think this is over.

“[People ask me] maybe [there can be] a reunion or the like. No – there will be no reunion, “he continued. For what? It makes no sense. So if I really have the feeling of saying, ‘I just want to do another night with only ACCEPT songs, ‘I can. And the good thing is, I can not do it under YOU DO, I can do it with DIRKSCHNEIDER. And people know if I’m coming [to their town] with DIRKSCHNEIDER, [the set] will be [only] ACCEPT songs. I do not know – maybe in two years, or whatever, maybe I’ll say, ‘Okay, maybe let’s make another trip with only ACCEPT songs. ‘Everything is open to me and that’s a good thing. I have [collaboration with the] orchestra, I have YOU DO, and sometimes I work on some side projects. I can do what I want and that’s good. “

Dirkschneider also left the door open for YOU DO to perform select ACCEPT songs in the future, just as it did on the aforementioned Alcatraz concert. “Maybe it can happen,” he said. “Maybe I was too quick to say that after three years of playing ACCEPT songs with DIRKSCHNEIDER – it was almost three years – maybe I was a little tired in a way. It was not planned either. Usually it was planned just to say, [let’s] like to do 10 or 15 special shows. After this, I was perhaps a little too quick to say that I would never play anything ACCEPT songs with YOU DO further. Maybe it can happen, the last three songs [of the U.D.O. set] – not in the headset, but maybe two or three songs [at the end], vi [can say], ‘Okay, [let’s] make people happy and say, many thanks and goodbye. ‘

“When Ronnie James Dio was alive, one night he also talked about all these old songs – the classic stuff. In a way, he said, ‘Yeah, sometimes I’m really tired of doing this’ – all this ‘Holy Diver’ and also BLACK SABBATH things – but he said: ‘Eventually people come to a show and they pay for this; they will hear this. You are the voice of these songs. You are the voice ACCEPT, and people will hear the original. ‘It does not matter to the other singer – maybe he does a good job – but the people, they want to hear this classic stuff too. He also said, ‘Can you imagine that DARK PURPLE without ‘Smoke on the water’? No. Not possible. ‘Finally he said, give the people what they want. But to me, it’s like I can do both. If I really just want to ACCEPT songs, I [can do it with] DIRKSCHNEIDER. And in YOU DO, it might be a surprise, [playing] some ACCEPT things eventually [of the set]. I mean, of course YOU DO has a huge fanbase after 30 years. And they say, ‘You don’t have to play anything ACCEPT songs more. ‘ ACCEPT, they are still nearby – only one [original] guy left. They say, ‘Okay, people hear the songs there. It may not be the original voice, but they do a good job. ‘But for me, too, I can [choose to] do it or not. And that’s it. “

Last March, You do confirmed to Canada The metal voice to YOU DO will “definitely” play some ACCEPT songs if the band’s North American tour is realized in 2022.

When he first announced DIRKSCHNEIDER trip half a decade ago, You do said that “should take a clear break for myself – close the book and that’s it. And I have the problem that people come to me and ask me to play more ACCEPT songs, “he explained.” Other people ask me why I play ACCEPT songs at all, because it’s there [more than] fifteen YOU DO records. I will avoid such things and avoid repeating questions regarding ACCEPT. I just can not stand it anymore. There is nothing more to say. YOU DO exists longer than ACCEPT. We have more records than ACCEPT. “

While acknowledging that some ACCEPT fans will hear the band’s classic songs performed by the group’s original songs, Dirkschneider explained at the time that “you always have these comparisons [between how these songs are played by ACCEPT and U.D.O.]. I do not want this anymore either. [The current lineup of ACCEPT] also play ‘Metal Heart’, they play ‘Balls for the wall’ and ‘Princess of dawn’. And then some people say to me, ‘Oh, [current ACCEPT singer Mark Tornillo] do it better than you. ‘And I say,’ That’s fine. Enjoy yourself. ‘ But I no longer want this. And to avoid all this in the future, I said, ‘We’ll do this one more time’. “

Dirkschneider said in 2016 that his promise to never play ACCEPT material came again with a reservation. “If the band ACCEPT dissolve one day in the near future and I’m still with YOU DO, then there is a chance that I set ACCEPT songs back on the set list, “he said. But at the moment there is ACCEPT, so watch them [if you want to see those songs performed live]. They play these songs. “

You do said earlier that the original plan was for DIRKSCHNEIDER to only “a few shows” and “then [the tour] got bigger and bigger [due to demand]. “But,” he added, “I will not complain about that. “

Back in 2018, ACCEPT guitarist Wolf Hoffmann declined to comment Dirkschneider‘s decision to embark on a final tour where the singer would only perform ACCEPT songs. “I have many thoughts about it, but I do not want to share them with you,” he said SiriusXM‘s “Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk”. “I would rather not comment on it, because it seems so much ‘back and forth’, and I think I should stay away from it … You can draw your own conclusions all day long, but I do not get into it it’s just not worth it.

“I am being asked [about Udo] so many times, and, man, it’s been so many years – it’s such an old story now, ” Wolf went on. “We have moved far beyond that and we have had 10 brilliant years [with Mark Tornillo], we make cool albums; I think we’m fine. So I do not spend time thinking about it.

“I’m very proud of the story we have together and all that, but I just do not get into the current one,” he said, she said “no matter what – it’s not worth it,” Hoffmann concluded.

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