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The verdict is in: see the new PS5’s heat sink being tested

The verdict is in: see the new PS5’s heat sink being tested

Sony’s new, lighter PS5 model with a smaller cooling plate has been extensively tested Gamers Nexus and Digital foundry, and in the end, it does not appear that there are significant enough differences between the two models to seek one over the other.

“We have generally not seen any major drawbacks to either the heat sink,” said Steve Burke, editor-in-chief of Gamers Nexus, said in a video. “It seems to be [that] the fans make a decent difference, but not enough of one where you have to keep buying a particular fan. ”

“We would also not really recommend pursuing a particular console,” Burke continued. ”1100s [the revised console] mod 1000 series [the launch console] … in our tests they are not so different. There are many ways to test these things. Maybe there’s a scenario we haven’t found yet. But we do not see the big difference. At least not one that should make you go crazy on eBay when trying to find a particular device. And do not pay too much for one, at least if you can avoid it. ”

That said, if you’re interested in learning about the finer details of the differences between the new PS5 and the old PS5, it’s worth a look. Gamers Nexus‘almost 37 minutes long video comparing the two designs. Gamers Nexus and Digital foundry collaborated to test the different models.

Digital foundry, in its own long but interesting video worth watching, also observed only small differences in the two versions of the PS5. “The experience of owning [the 1100 series] was largely identical [to the 1000 series], ”Ended Digital foundryis Rich Leadbetter. He shared similar feelings in an article about Eurogamer.

It seems likely that Sony is planning to roll out the PSI in the CFI-1100 series as the new de facto model, so if you are still looking for one of the elusive consoles, you may end up with the revised version. But based on Gamers ‘Nexus’ and Digital foundry test, it does not seem that you have to worry too much about which version you get.

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