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The TV’s “Two Fat Ladies” draw a crowd in Melbourne

The TV’s “Two Fat Ladies” draw a crowd in Melbourne

First published in Aging on September 18, 1998

Thin models beat these ladies? Fed chance!

Yesterday, the city’s lunchtime customers were given the choice between a fashion show and a book signing by ABC-TV’s culinary heavyweights, The Two Fat Ladies.

More than 500 people chose the book signing. “Why would you look at tough models when you could see real people,” said Janet from Newport.

The TV show ‘Two Fat Ladies’, Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson WrightCredit:Justine Sywak

Alison, from Essendon, had even taken a photographer with her to capture on film the moment Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright signed her book.

“The two fat ladies are superstars,” Alison said. “They are fat, just like real people. And they love to eat. ”

There was general agreement from the queue that it was nice to see fat people on television.

Betty, from Glen Iris, explained how she loved their strong personalities and the fact that they did not care who they felt like when Paterson and Dickson Wright burst past the queue in the depths of the ABC Shop.

The audience gasped. Paterson and Dickson Wright offered some cheerful hellos. The show was on its way. The autograph meeting lasted an hour and a half and rivaled their previous record in a store in Harrogate, England.

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