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The 12 most anticipated restaurant openings in Los Angeles, Fall 2021

The 12 most anticipated restaurant openings in Los Angeles, Fall 2021

Despite all the uncertainty that still surrounds Los Angeles’ restaurant scene, there is still plenty to see this fall. As one of the historically busiest opening hours in the restaurant looms over the city, some of LA’s biggest names – from Caroline Styne and Suzanne Goin to Evan Funke and Lincoln Carson – seem to be spreading their wings with new concepts from Santa Monica to Downtown and beyond. There are also newcomers, like the Vazquez family behind Austin’s famous Veracruz All Natural, who want to make a splash in a new city. It all adds up to this, a cool fall season where restaurant openings are suddenly as hot as ever.

Like Green

Location: 718 S. Hill Street, Downtown LA

A dish from a recent pop-up from Gusto Green.
Like Green

Great players: Janet Zuccarini, Gusto 54 Restaurant Group

The situation: The busy Canadian restaurant group Gusto 54, locally known for bringing Evan Funke’s Felix to life in Venice, is close to putting the finishing touches on their long-awaited Downtown LA project. This anchor bearing is part of a complete building of health, wellness and cannabis businesses and will soon bring a mostly plant-based menu (and yes, some cannabis) to Hill Street in Downtown soon.

Expected opening: Fall
Websites: Website / Instagram

Ghisallo / Jyan Isaac Bread

Location: 1622 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica

Two hands guide two finished pizzas to a table with wood and flour everywhere.

Pizzas from Ghisallo.
Derrick Reed

Great players: David Rodriguez, The Taste Kitchen

The situation: Do not be fooled; despite a brief attempt to open late last year, city affairs Ghisallo and affiliated restaurant Jyan Isaac Bread closed before having a chance to begin. Now chef David Rodriguez, formerly from Pizzana and elsewhere, is back with a renewed menu (and the same backing as the owner team from Tasting Kitchen in Venice), with plans for pizza, Italian appetizers and a whole lot more. Meanwhile, start-up baker Jyan Isaac (a 20-year-old Westside baker) will be using the same place for morning service with bread, bagels and other carby treats.

Expected opening: September 23
Websites: Ghisallo Website / Ghisallo Instagram / Jyan Isaac Bread Website / Jyan Isaac Bread Instagram

Superba Food + Bread Hollywood

Location: 6530 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood

A blurry photo of workers and diners standing inside a dim restaurant with the kitchen glow behind.

Inside the former Hearth + Hound.
Wonho Frank Lee

Great players: American Gonzo Food Corporation

The situation: The historic former Cat + Fiddle Hollywood space on Sunset Boulevard is finally ready for its expected return as the team behind Superba Food + Bread, Pitfire Pizza and American Beauty (who were involved in a work tip battle earlier this year) turn bright again for more than two years of darkness. Expect the same evocative, stone- and wood-injected look (and the beautiful patio) with the usual selection of salads in California produced in advance, fried meat nets, cakes and more.

Expected opening: Fall
Websites: Website / Instagram

Green broth / Cara Cara

Location: 1106 Broadway, Downtown LA

A rendition of Caldo Verde, a colorful Portuguese-leaning restaurant with lots of plants.

A rendition of Warm Green
Real hotel [Official]

Great players: Caroline Styne, Suzanne Goin, Correct Hotels

The situation: Caldo Verde is really, really almost here. The long-awaited project from two of LA’s biggest names will open wide inside the Proper Hotel in the Downtown South Park neighborhood in just a few months (if not before) and marry the decadence of the cocktail bar on the roof with Portuguese, Spanish and California flavors from a lifetime of cooking. These AOC and Lucque vets definitely know what they’re doing.

Expected opening: October
Websites: Website / Instagram

My friends

Location: 1541 Wilcox Avenue, Hollywood

Lincoln Carson, a chef, stands with his arms crossed by a window, looking into his restaurant room.

Chef Lincoln Carson.
Sierra Prescott

Great players: Lincoln Carson, Relevant Group, Ten Five Hospitality

The situation: Star pastry chef Lincoln Carson has embraced his salty side more and more over the past many years and gained national recognition in Downtown’s Bon Temps along the way. Now he’s back, this time in Hollywood, with plans for a French-California bistro inside Hollywood’s Thompson hotel. Expect a casual yet exclusive kind of elegance from one of LA’s most thoughtful chefs and operators.

Expected opening: November
Websites: Website / Instagram

Yangban Society

Location: 712 S. Santa Fe, Art District

A white marble table under dim lighting, backed by a wall of wine.

Side dining in the Arts District.
Wonho Frank Lee

Great players: Katianna Hong, John Hong

The situation: Hope is high for the upcoming Yangban Society, which lands with a modern American flair and lots of Korean influence. Co-owners and chefs Katianna Hong and John Hong hail from fine dining backgrounds at places like the three Michelin-starred Restaurant on Meadowood, and now they are running a more personal project in the middle of the Arts District, just around the corner from Bestia. Expect great taste and lots of heart from some of California’s most technically savvy chefs.

Expected opening: November
Websites: Website / Instagram


Location: 6067 Wilshire Boulevard, Miracle Mile

A colorful rendering of a recurring restaurant with servers in suits and sumptuous red seats.

A rendition of Fanny’s.
Konstantin Kakanias

Great players: Bill Chait, Raphael Francois, Julian Cox, Wolfgang Puck Catering

The situation: A trio of well-known items have teamed up with the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures to bring a bit of old Hollywood decadence back to the city. Expect timeless service – complete with captains in jackets and lots of white tablecloths – plus recurring American dishes and drinks from one of LA’s best bartenders plus catering from the Pucks team. This big opening all day will happen in phases, so the full dinner show might not come until later in the fall.

Expected opening: 30th of September
Websites: Website / Instagram

Untitled Alice Waters project

Location: 10899 Wilshire Boulevard, Westwood

Alice Waters poses for a portrait in her home in Berkeley, California on Monday, March 2, 2020. Her daughter Fanny Singer has written a new memoir containing recipes from her childhood titled?  Always Home: A Daughters Recipes & amp;  Stories?  will be released

Alice Waters.
Photo by Gabrielle Lurie / San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

Great players: Alice Waters, David Tanis, Jesse McBride, Oliver Monday

The situation: California legend and Chez Panisse founder Alice Waters is on her way to Los Angeles and takes in the Westwoods Hammer Museum with an as yet unnamed project that promises all of California’s wealth on one plate. She enters the market with old friends and big plans, and will definitely be embraced by a Westside dining room that has been eating the way Alice has been eating for a generation now, thanks to her erratic influence on food and hospitality.

Expected opening: Fall
Websites: Website / Instagram

Alma by the grove

Location: 189 The Grove Drive, Mid-City West

A cartoonish rendition of a restaurant room with deep blues and light gold appearing above the front door.

A colorful interpretation of Alma.
Hunan Group

Great players: Hunan Group

The situation: One of Mexico’s most famous restaurant groups, Grupo Hunan, has landed in LA. The team takes over the former Dominique Ansel two-story room in Grove with plans to open a modern yet uncomplicated Mexican restaurant that ranges from brunch to dinner and drinks. Expect a lush multi-story experience with appeal all day and great taste — and do not think for a second that Grupo Hunan will only open one restaurant in Los Angeles.

Expected opening: November
Websites: Website / Instagram

Hot Tacos

Location: 3515 Wilshire Boulevard, Koreatown

An overhead shot of a taco in tinfoil on a light blue table, surrounded by salsas.

A crumbled taco.
Bill Addison

Great players: Veracruz All Natural’s Reyna and Maritza Vazquez

The situation: Some of Texas’ most famous tacos are coming to Los Angeles. The team behind the breakfast sensation Veracruz All Natural is opening a food cart called Hot Tacos, which will soon be moving through the city streets, while maintaining the Koreatowns Line Hotel as a primary base. From morning staples like migas tacos to late-night bites, this is one of the most anticipated opportunities to hit LA in a minute.

Expected opening: October
Websites: Website / Instagram

Bagel + Slice

Location: 4571 York Boulevard, Highland Park

A mountain of golden bagels from Bagel and Slice in Highland Park.

Bagel + Slice.
Jeff Minton

Great players: Bradford Kent

The situation: Chef Bradford Kent may not be a household name, but the co-founder of Olio and Blaze Pizza is certainly eager to make a statement. His latest project in Highland Park marries even more gluten (this time in the form of bagels and pizza) with Kent’s personal ethos to drive a sustainable, good for the world that also takes care of its employees. If it works and there are high hopes, Kent’s restaurant could become a model for other operators who want to move past profits as a sole motivator for business and life.

Expected opening: October
Websites: Website / Instagram

Mother Wolf

Location: 1545 Wilcox Avenue, Hollywood

Rigatoni amatriciana on Fingers Crossed, shown in a dark room and from the side, inside a round white plate.

Rigatoni from Evan Funke.
Wonho Frank Lee

Great players: Evan Funke, Relevant Group, Ten Five Hospitality

The situation: Star chef Evan Funke, known for his skill at everything Italian (especially pasta) is left with yet another new idea for Hollywood. The upcoming Mother Wolf occupies the eclectic and historic world of Roman cuisine, complete with antipasti, pizza and yes pasta as well. This is a big thing for suddenly thriving Hollywood, especially because Mother Wolf is ready to anchor the newly renovated Citizen News Building at the heart of the action.

Expected opening: Fall
Websites: Website / Instagram

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