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Some parents in Hudson believe that outrage over writing a speed book is out of step

Some parents in Hudson believe that outrage over writing a speed book is out of step

HUDSON, Ohio – A book continues to create controversy in Hudson.

The book, entitled ‘642 Things to Write About’, contains writing messages with topics that some consider inappropriate for high school students.

Now the mayor is calling for the entire school board to resign.

But some parents say it is only one side of the story and think the outrage is out of line.

“I just think it’s completely absurd,” said Regan Raeth, a graduate of Hudson High School in 2020.

The book was used for years in the school’s College Credit Plus writing class, but was taken from students Monday after parents and administrators became aware of some of the writing messages inside.

A prompt instructs the author in drinking a beer and then writing about the taste. Another said, “Write a sex scene you would not show your mother.”

“It was this little, teeny, tiny thing that we were exposed to for maybe 20 minutes a week max,” Raeth said. “You choose your invitations, you sit down, you write it, and then you put the book back. That was all. ”

Raeth said her teacher only used the book a few times a week to help students get creative with their writing at the beginning of the class, and they never used any of the more explicit prompts.

“We were warned that there was some explicit material. And she just said, ‘Do not use the instructions.’ And neither of us did. We all ignored it, ”Raeth said.

The book went unnoticed for years until some parents and administrators discovered the calls inside Friday.

On Monday, some furious parents grilled the school board at a meeting.

“Do not sexualize our children,” said parent Morris Norman.

But they do not represent all parents in Hudson, according to Regan’s mother, Erika Raeth.

“The reality is that it is a course at college level. That’s what it is, ”Raeth said.

Raeth has another daughter, Anja, who is currently taking the CCP writing course at Hudson High School.

She said she did not even know about the book until Monday, when Facebook groups were flooded with news, and an email went out to tell parents that the school administration took the books away.

“It’s not something my second child ever mentioned because it was such a non-issue, not part of the class,” Raeth said.

She said that even if she knew, it would not have confused her.

“I trust my kids. I know they are mature enough to handle it. They probably see worse things on TikTok daily,” Raeth said.

Nor has it confused other parents of children in the class, who she said had spoken out in defense of the book’s use on social media.

“It is a course at the college level, and children must have a certain level of maturity to pass it. And I think parents also need to have a certain level of maturity to let their children do it, because once you get to college, you are not involved in their curriculum, ”said Raeth.

Now that Hudson’s mayor and other parents are urging the board to resign or be charged with criminal charges, the Raeth family thinks it’s all gone too far.

“I’ve heard mention like, ‘We should not offer these classes at all.’ “So then they take away an opportunity for these kids to have college credit,” Raeth said.

Although Regan Raeth first graduated last year, she is already a junior in her second semester at Kent State University. She was able to get these credits by taking the College Credit Plus and AP courses.

Raeths is also concerned about the teacher supervising the writing course at Hudson High School.

“The teacher is wonderful and it seems like the teacher is also being spoiled a little bit and accused of caring,” said Erika Raeth.

“I absolutely love this teacher. She is a wonderful, caring person who really cares about the condition of the children,” said Regan Raeth. ‘People just make scenarios to get bored of. And it could potentially cost many people their jobs or their livelihoods, which is worrying. “

The Raeth family plans to attend the next school board meeting and share their perspective on the book used in class.

This meeting is scheduled for September 27 at

News 5 reached out to the Hudson School Board to get their response to the calls for resignation from the mayor and other parents.

Chairman of the Board David Zuro said in a statement:

“On Friday, September 10, the Hudson City School District was made aware of writing messages in a supplementary resource, a writing journal entitled 642 things to write about, which contains content that is not appropriate in a high school setting. The resource was used in a college-level course at the school. Application for the course includes parental recognition of a college environment that may include themes or content not found in a more controlled high school environment.

However, given the recent concerns presented by parents of students in this course, the district collected the books and stopped using them.

In its official capacity, the Board of Education will ensure that a thorough investigation and process review has been found and will use the results of the investigation to determine the necessary measures to be taken.

While we respect the mayor’s position in the City of Hudson, it is in accordance with Ohio law that the oversight of public schools in this district is the responsibility of the Board of Education. At present, no member of the Board of Education has indicated any intention to resign. “

David Zuro, Chairman, Hudson City School District Board of Education

Jade Jarvis is a reporter for News 5 Cleveland. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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