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Rxk Nephew: Crack Dreams Album Review

Rxk Nephew: Crack Dreams Album Review

The loud, unpretentious Rxk Nephew has been one of the most exciting rappers of recent years. He stores his colorful dope, which is about fantasies (with recurring characters and hijinks) and conspiracy theories about beats pulling from the Atlanta trap, Detroit funk rap, the LA beats scene, house, trance and plug (occasionally dropping the instrument completely) . Sometimes he screams, other times he is calm; sometimes he wanders, other times he is extremely cohesive; sometimes he is motivated in the booth (or what broom closet he raps in), other times it sounds as if he has been forced to record against his will.

But because all of this boundless energy has yet to be translated into a worthy mixtape, the best way to interact with Rochester, the New York rapper, is by stumbling into a track on his YouTube channel, which is usually updated several times each week. There you will find tracks like “Early Age Death”, which sounds underground rave with a bunch of zombies, or “American Terrorist”, which contains theories that belong in a sketchy Reddit thread: “Explain to me why the hell Benjamin Franklin got up on the roof / How he discovers something out of the sky / If so, T-Rex discovered it. ”Even after listening, these unexpected moments often linger in my mind the next day, but his mixes remain less remarkable on due to their rather uniform production.Both Listen here you are here to hear me‘s soul tests and Slitherman enabled‘s strobe light club music surrounds his unpredictable lines with a bland regularity.

Likewise nephew’s new mixtape Break dreams, which at the time of writing already has a sequel, places stories of crack that deal in more detail than an episode of Snowfall most over funk beats that are equally applicable to contemporary Detroit rap and the heyday of No Limit and Cash Money. It’s related to his best friend, turned deadly, turned best friend again Rx Papi’s four-track EP Dope offers and record sales, but it is not so memorable, and on this band a good deal of the songs merge. Songs like “Top Fire” and “Nephew Shiesty” contain the kind of ominous piano riff often found on Detroit rapper Icewear Vezzo’s mixtapes, and they would be almost indistinguishable if “Nephew Shiesty” did not include his finest Homer Simpson imitation. Other records are built on Beats by the pound-influenced thick bass lines, and although some train (like the annoyed tone-setting intro “Shooting Star”), Nephew goes through the movements on a handful of the others (like “52 Fourth St” and “Overbid Overnights “).

If this was Nephew’s YouTube channel, you could jump right in with these bugs and never think about them again, but on a full project where every song matters, those disappointments linger. Still, mixtape has fun highlights. On “31 Peck Street,” he robs someone in their neighborhood of their PPP loan, continuing an ongoing occupation of his business optional car (Honda Accord), and sells work to someone similar to Ed Sheeran. It’s just another day in the nephew’s life. The song-song-like “Auto From Rocket Power” unexpectedly channels a No Limit mixtape deep cut, and “Suede Type Beat” puts its dope pushing chaos to the type of smooth West Coast beat that would not be out of place on a Coastline mafia . Unfortunately, these peaks only increase the urge to give up mixtape and go back to his YouTube page; he has probably uploaded something better there already.

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