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Priti Patel orders police to crack down on climate activists after M25 protests

Priti Patel orders police to crack down on climate activists after M25 protests

In the footage, seen by The Telegraph, the officer is filmed standing on the road next to junction 25 at Enfield while protesters wait in the middle of the roundabout. The activists then follow the officer out onto the car-free road and head towards their target.

They then walk directly past the policeman who is not doing anything and allow them to sit down wearing their jackets and hold banners with Insulate Britain.

It was one of three stretches of the M25 and adjacent slippery roads that Insulate Britain activists targeted on Wednesday in a coordinated demonstration just after 8am, causing traffic chaos during rush hour.

At one point, angry motorists tried to take the law into their own hands and drag protesters glued to the asphalt, but were physically prevented from doing so by police. A woman who was injured in a crash during the chaos remained in a serious condition on Thursday.

Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace told LBC on Thursday that police should have acted more quickly to remove the overall environmental protests.

“I think [what is needed is] get a quick fix to the people who sit in the way of the M25 and do not get in the way of people, many people who are paid by the hour and do not have sympathetic bosses. Why should they lose their livelihood because someone wants to sit in the middle of the road? ” he said.

‘We need an appropriate response for eco-extremists’

Marc Jones, chairman of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC), called for an “appropriately robust” response to environmental militants – and warned that it was not “good to touch them”.

He told The Telegraph: “We, as elected officials working with the police, need to provide all the support we can for an appropriate, robust response. I do not think there is any point in panning for these people who choose this approach.

“Some people’s rights do not give up everyone else in society. It is unacceptable that any national infrastructure is and can be interrupted by any group for their own purposes. ”

A former former police chief blamed “awakened” police chiefs for lacking willpower and failing to use resources to tackle eco-extremists guilty of “organized crime.”

“Obstruction of the motorway is an offense. There does not seem to be much willingness on the part of the police to address that point. We need senior police officers to say that we are in control of this. This is organized crime and extremism. But you do not get anything from it. It is very awake, ”he said.

“The only way you can prevent this from happening is if you infiltrate them with undercover officers and use intrusive eavesdropping. Then you would know what is planned and sip it in the bud. ”

‘This is not a legal protest’

Richard Walton, former head of counter-terrorism at the Metropolitan Police, said: “The illegal blocking of motorways is environmental extremism, not legal protest.

“Environmental extremists who use planned, illegal tactics to block highways must be treated as robustly as right-wing extremists and Islamist extremists – with the full force of the law using all available police tactics.”

89 protesters were arrested after Wednesday’s action, but warned police ahead of their release from custody that they intended to “return to sit on a highway as soon as possible”.

Many of those arrested on Wednesday had been involved in the highway blockade on Monday.


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