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Nicki Minaj says she is in ‘Twitter jail’ and will never use the platform again

Nicki Minaj says she is in ‘Twitter jail’ and will never use the platform again

Rapper Nicki Minaj on Wednesday told her followers on Instagram that she has been put in “Twitter jail” and will never use Twitter again, but Twitter says the company has not acted against her account.

The rappers’ claim comes the day after the social media platform publicly said her controversial tweets did not violate their rules.

“I’m all in jail on Twitter,” the artist said on Instagram. “They did not like what I said over there on the block, I think my poll would ask questions is OK, I like to be stupid, so boom. Can not tweet.”


A Twitter spokesman told Buzzfeed Wednesday night, “Twitter did not take any enforcement action on the account.”

Minaj tweeted earlier in the day that the White House had invited her to visit after she revealed her reluctance to get the COVID-19 vaccine on Twitter earlier this week. She then replied to another user, “Right. I can not talk to, agree with, even look at anyone from a particular political party. Ppl are no longer people. If you are black and a Democrat tells you to push marbles ur * ss, you simply must. If another party tells you to take care of that bus, stand there and be hit. “

The White House confirmed to Fox News that the Biden administration had sent an invitation to Minaj with an official saying: “As we have done with others, we offered a call with Nicki Minaj and one of our doctors to answer questions, she talks about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. “


On Monday, Minaj made waves when she wrote on Twitter that she was still researching getting the shot after her cousin in Trinidad had a friend whose testicles swelled after getting the sting. Critics dismissed the claim, accusing the rapper of spreading misinformation, but Twitter said at the time that she did not violate their rules.

The rapper signaled that Fox News’ Tucker Carlson was spot on in his assessment of the situation. He explained on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” about the uprising, “It has nothing to do with the physical effect of the vaccine that drives our political class crazy – it’s the last part of Nicki Minaj’s tweet that made them furious. where she tells you to ask for it, make the decision yourself as a free human being and quote ‘do not be bullied’. “

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