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Gladys Berejiklian defends Brad Hazzard over comments to offenders from ‘other backgrounds’

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian (right) speaking with SBS News's Janice Petersen
Gladys Berejiklian defends Brad Hazzard over comments to offenders from ‘other backgrounds’

He also said that such societies “do not really consider what they are doing in terms of its impact on the rest of society”.

Berejiklian said Thursday that the minister did not suggest that people with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds were more likely to break the rules.

“I would not read it at all into Mr Hazzard’s comments,” she told SBS News’ Janice Peterson.

“He is a very compassionate, understanding person and we have all had to deal with a very difficult situation.”

Full interview: Gladys Berejiklian talks to SBS News

The NSW government has faced criticism over its approach to curbing the spread of coronavirus in the tightly closed west of Sydney, home to a large multicultural population.

Over the weekend, images of crowds at Bondi Beach in Sydney’s more affluent eastern suburbs, which have a lower number of COVID-19 cases, went viral.

Many residents of Sydney’s west were critical of the way they in the east were allowed to gather en masse by the beach while tightly closed.

Mrs Berejiklian touched on her own Armenian background, saying that she had empathy for multicultural communities.

“As someone who comes from a very proud migrant family … I can imagine the burden placed on households,” she said.

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Berejiklian said part of the reason the number of cases is so high in western and southwestern Sydney is because many residents are important workers.

“I believe that all citizens have the right to feel frustrated and angry because of the way in which all our freedoms have (been) curtailed.”

The award also called on other states and territories to adhere to the national plan for the reopening of Australia.

“We can not prevent families in our own country from reuniting. We can not prevent the Australians from coming home, ”she said.

NSW on Thursday reported 1,351 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 and 12 more deaths, bringing the death toll from the current outbreak to 210.

There are currently 1,231 COVID-19 cases hospitalized, with 231 people in intensive care, 108 of whom require ventilation, according to NSW Health.

Across the state, 80.1 percent of the population over the age of 16 has now received a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and 48.5 percent of the entire community over the age of 16 is fully vaccinated, Hazzard said.

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