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Drunk serial perpetrator caught marching along London Street armed with blood-stained kitchen knives

Drunk serial perpetrator caught marching along London Street armed with blood-stained kitchen knives

A serial perpetrator with a prolonged drinking habit left residents in fear after marching along a street in West London armed with two knives.

Richard Poxon, 32, was “clearly worse for wear to drink” when he was seen roaming a residential street in Greenford with kitchen knives in each hand.

He appeared in Isleworth Crown Court on Monday (September 13) to be convicted after previously pleading guilty to possession of a magazine article in a public place.

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The verdict also meant that Poxon was in violation of a conditional sentence handed down for a previous knife incident.

The court heard that Poxon was seen walking along Greenford Avenue around noon. 23 on 14 August.

Prosecutor Edward Lewis said a short video clip that was not played in court showed Poxon was “worse for wear and tear” due to alcohol consumption, a problem he has had “for some time”.

Isleworth Crown Court in West London

He added: “The residents who saw him were very worried and there is a film showing him walking unstable towards a bus stop with the knives in hand. He’s clearly drunk.

As a result, the police were called and the officers arrived to find him sitting on a garden path outside the premises where he was living at the time. He got in the car and presented no problems to officers.

“One of the knives appeared to be stained with blood, and a search was made of his apartment. The property turned out to be untidy, but no evidence that anyone had been injured. ”

Residents on the street also told police they believe he was trying to gain access to a property.

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The court heard that Poxon was already subject to a suspended sentence of 18 weeks after threatening a man with a knife and saying he would “tear them up” while out drinking.

Originally suspended for 12 months, extended term to 18 months when Poxon was subsequently found guilty of shoplifting.

For remedy, Gabriella Fearns, who defended Poxon, told the court he “does not remember the incident” and has sought help to resolve his alcohol problems.

Judge Jonathan Ferris, who handed down the verdict, told the court that knife crime was “a plague” in the area.

He said: “This was worrying and threatening behavior. Knife crime is a plague in West London, and here we have a big problem getting victims of knife crime to appear in court to give evidence. ”

Poxon, without permanent residence, was sentenced to 50 weeks in prison.

He was also covered by a two-year knife crime order.


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