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Brian Geoffrey Holder was banned from practicing for 25 years

Brian Geoffrey Holder was banned from practicing for 25 years

An Australian doctor has been given one of the longest bans on training by a national board ever for shocking acts.

A South Australian doctor has been given the longest ban on practicing while serving a 15-year prison sentence for trying to kill a pharmacist who notified authorities of his irregular and incorrect prescribing practice.

Doctor Brian Geoffrey Holder, 71, had canceled his registration and has been barred from reapplying or providing health care for 25 years.

Due to his age, this means that the former Reynella general practitioner will never be able to practice again.

The holder’s ban was issued by the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) on Tuesday, making it the longest ban ever imposed on a registered doctor nationally.

The decision was made in relation to his attempted murder and inappropriate prescription of medication for his wife and himself as well as inappropriate prescription of benzodiazepines and codeine-containing drugs to five patients.

He was found guilty of attempted murder in November 2018 in the Adelaide Supreme Court.

The court heard earlier that the doctor carried out a revenge attack on a pharmacist in Port Lincoln in 2017.

Before the attack, he went to offer her a bunch of flowers before pulling a fish knife out of his pocket and trying to stab her.

SACAT reported being “most concerned” that Holder had no insight into his injustice and still believed his prescription was appropriate.

It was also said that he had no remorse or remorse.

“There is no reason to believe that he would change his way if he was ever allowed to practice in the future,” the board found.

‘This respondent could never again trust the responsibility of a registered doctor.

“The public and other health care providers should never again be exposed to serious risk from the respondent.

“There are some cases that are so serious that the sanctions must be career-ending.”

The Chairman of the Medical Board of Australia, dr. Anne Tonkin, said Holder’s conduct was “completely incompatible” with being a registered physician.

“We are pleased that the board has introduced this significant ban,” she said.

The head of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), Martin Fletcher, said the ban would protect the public.


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