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These 7 unique hotels in Toronto are perfect for your next stay

These 7 unique hotels in Toronto are perfect for your next stay

The entrepreneur shared with Narcity how she handles hate, her coping mechanisms and what it is like to be in a partnership with someone who receives their fair share of the survey.

How do you handle hate messages, trolls and hecklers?

“He’s far better at dealing with it than I am. I get stressed. I get nervous. Sometimes it makes me anxious, but I feel just as sad as it sounds, he’s been dealing with it all his life, so for him to deal with it, it comes almost naturally now, “said Sidhu.

“In any situation where he feels like his biggest thing is wanting to understand why someone is crocheting, or why someone is trolling and trying to make contact with them.

“Whereas I sometimes say, ‘Oh god, why are you evil?’ That’s my reaction […] and his thing is, ‘Why do you feel the need to be evil?’

“He handles things a lot better than I do. Even when it comes to social media, there’s nothing that really phases him and I think it’s so impressive. It’s like insanely impressive sometimes, I’m like, okay chill as if you are just with me you do not have to put up a front but there is no front that is just who he is.

“For me, […] sometimes if i see negative comments i would like to delete them. I just do not want it in my similar room, and I know it […] to provide a public platform is going to happen, it will obviously happen. But […] he’s always in the room where you know it’s going to happen, you can either get upset or it’s more just understanding where the other person is coming from and then i like his approach better than to be upset.

“But yeah, it gets tough sometimes, but for the most part, when I see how Jagmeet handles it, I’re always awe-inspiring, so that also makes me feel more zen about it.”

When you get a wave of anxiety, how do you deal with it?

“I’m just really grabbing his hand. I’m just grabbing his hand and I do not want to let go of my life. So my handling is to be around him because his really zen-like chill energy always helps me.

“So whenever I feel a little anxious, he’s my first person to call. If I look via social media, I go to him to chat with him about it, because he’s going to help me get it. better with it.Or if it’s in person, oh one hundred percent I will.

“I do not know if anyone has ever noticed this, but even when there was a man […] just say something about that if he had cut his turban off that people would like you more. And I remember he had a very positive conversation and no one could tell what the conversation was about unless you actually listened to the context in it because they were both so polite to each other.

“And I kind of remember grabbing Jagmeet and no one could tell, but I was like that was my way of dealing with it and he just calms me down a little bit and grabs me back as if it’s going to to be OK.

“So so far it has worked.”

How do you handle the fact that someone is rude to your partner?

“As a partner, you want to be, ‘Please do not be mean to my husband,’ but then I also know that my husband will do much better than I will.

“Because he’s going to use his voice and he’s going to use his words and he wants to try to reason and he wants to […] connect and he feels like relating so it works. I have never felt the need to just be, ‘Do not be mean to him’ because he has been dealt with.

“And so in those kinds of situations, I think if there’s anyone who can handle it and make you feel okay and at peace, even after all the arguing, it’s him. So yeah, I appreciate him for always be so calm about every situation. “


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