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Thaikhun Street restaurant launches in Trafford center this month

Thaikhun Street restaurant launches in Trafford center this month

Thaikhun, one of the UK’s leading Thai restaurants, is set to open a new street food restaurant later this month at The Trafford Center.

With restaurants already located across nine different cities in the UK, including Newcastle, Oxford, Southampton and Glasgow, the Thaikhun team has chosen The Trafford Center to be home to the next generation of Thaikhun restaurants, making it the first of its kind to have a buffet offer.

Forget your average Asian buffet, Thaikhun likes to do things differently, and the first buffet restaurant will be no different, with the vision of bringing a taste of Thailand to The Trafford Center.

Thaikhun Street Restaurant opens on the 26thth September with a series of launch parties. As part of the opening, the restaurant will welcome a Thai monk blessing – an important Buddhist tradition that brings luck, purification, peace and prosperity as well as various introductory offerings and offerings.

Traditional Thai decor will include everywhere below; tuk tuk tables, berths and even a Buddhist shrine that staff can worship. The main menus vary daily and offer all the Thai classics from Pad Thai and Lamb Massaman to the legendary Khao Soi Gai soup. The 144-deck restaurant serves all the Thai classics in buffet format, combined with carefully selected beers, wines and cocktails. The restaurant will also have a fully equipped dessert station including; chocolate fountain, ice machine, popcorn machine and slushie machine.

Owner, Kim Kaewkraikhot, said of the new restaurant: “At Thaikhun, we do things differently and are not in line with the norm when it comes to making incredible Thai food that appeals to everyone. At our first buffet restaurant of its kind, we will offer customers the freedom to make the experience their own by choosing exactly what they want and in their own time.

“We are passionate about delivering an excellent quality experience with a combination of top-class food and unsurpassed customer service. Thaikhun means ‘Your Thai’, reflecting the team’s goal of taking guests on their very own journey around the world to Khao San Road.

“Every recipe on the menu can be found at genuine Thai street vendors, and it is with these authentic details that we aim to deliver a taste of Thailand to our customers and help them fall in love with the cuisine just like we have. Although the menu will consist of some set favorites, we are happy to bring a new and exciting spin to Thai dining, with the opportunity for our guests to enjoy a variety of dishes and flavors each time they visit.

“Our position is all aimed at creating a fun and inclusive environment where our customers can enjoy good food, and The Trafford Center will be no different. We are looking forward to having a new customer base that will join our Thaikhun journey. ”

Prior to the official opening, the restaurant has entered into a partnership with the food app, Too Good to Go, to deal with food waste in the city. This service will allow customers to purchase a “magic bag” that contains food that would otherwise have gone wrong. The bags will contain excess products at a reduced price (from £ 4 per box), and are part of the team’s efforts to reduce unnecessary food waste.

Located in The Trafford Center, Thaikhun Street is open seven days a week and serves lunch, dinner and beverages. To celebrate the opening, the team will offer all diners a recall card for £ 5 from their next visit, which will be valid until the end of October.

For more information on Thaikhun Street and The Trafford Center opening, visit: https: //www.thaikhun.co.uk/ or follow: @Thaikhun on Instagram to stay updated on the latest news

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