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Razer makes silly ‘gaming finger sleeves’ for mobile gamers

Razer makes silly ‘gaming finger sleeves’ for mobile gamers

A hand model that shows how Razer gaming finger sleeves would look on a person.

Rigor mortis puts in.
Picture: Razer

It’s not April 1st, but no one told Razer when it announced its gaming “finger sleeves.” Yes, finger sleeves: These are literally little sleeves that close your fingers off to supposedly improve their grip, and these special finger sleeves are placed on the gamer market.

This is not the first time Razer has announced a product that sounded too ridiculous to be genuine. But unlike Razer’s concept of an RGB-enabled Covid face mask, Project Hazel, this gaming finger sleeve is already available for purchase on its website.

These “non-slip” finger gloves are supposedly aimed at people who play mobile games like Fortnite (or what kids are playing these days) to help keep their phones safe in hand when earning their latest royal victory. According to the website, the sleeves are made of a “smooth, highly sensitive fabric” (35% silver fiber fabric, 60% nylon, 5% spandex), are “light and breathable” and are available in only one size. I have to praise the restraint that Razer showed and not make them light up. Sometimes less is more.

Razer is not the first company to come up with the idea of ​​making finger sleeves for games, but unlike its new market competitors-fly-by-night-Amazon sellers with names like Powstro, Flydigi and Sameo, Razer already owns real estate in gamer’s home. So, Razer lifestyle: Go and buy your little soaked finger rubbers. Go on, I’m waiting. After all, it is important to practice safe play.

Although the gaming finger sleeve sounds like a punchline to a joke, PC Gamer pointed out that the finger sleeves enjoy a certain level of market demand, as the mobile gaming industry is now estimated to be worth $ 15.1 billion. We may be laughing now, but … ok, we’re still laughing now. Good luck to Razer.

Although I personally have no plans to buy a package with these finger sleeves for my mobile Tetris gaming joy, I would not be angry if Razer or another organization decided to create a new glove for fighting games with the same general approach. Hell, they can even shine for anything I care about. One was free Razer, call me!


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