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Jazmin Katz creates new artwork for CBC Ottawa’s community newsletter

Jazmin Katz creates new artwork for CBC Ottawa’s community newsletter

Autumn is around the corner and the perfect time to refresh the look of our community newsletter, The highlight. We asked local artist Jazmin Katz to create a new illustration for fall and early winter that represents what our newsletter is about – community.

Read our questions and answers below to find out more about Jazmin and her designs.

The answers are edited for length and clarity.

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Jazmin Katz. I am 23 years old and was born in Ottawa. I grew up in a very artistic household between my father’s passion for composing music and my mother as a mixed media artist. Since I was six years old, my hobbies have included animation and stop motion. I was a model for six years before continuing my graphic design degree in college.

Artist Jazmin Katz explains that she loves the energy she can capture through exaggerating facial expressions and body movement in illustrations to tell a story. (Submitted by Jazmin Katz)

Your artwork is very unique. Tell us a little about your artistic style, your inspiration and your approach to your work

It’s funny because I never really felt like I had an artistic style. I have always drawn what has felt right for me. What I love about drawing with the style I used for The highlight illustration, is the energy you can capture through exaggeration of facial expressions and body movement to tell a story.

Mention another Ottawa artist whose work you admire

I admire my mother’s works of art. She is a mixed media artist who uses vibrant colors and her architectural background to paint cities in a magical way. I’m not just saying this because she’s my mother, but I really believe she’s capable of embodying the sense of community that different cities provide through her art. Her Instagram is @violetaborisonikart.

What’s your favorite thing about falling in Ottawa? Where are your favorite places in Ottawa during this season to get inspired?

My favorite thing about fall is sketching on my notepad and having a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop. My favorite place is Quitters Coffee in Stittsville.

Tell us about your illustration for The Highlight. What inspired your interpretation of the new autumn / winter look, and how did you approach the design?

The interpretation of autumn / winter is made by the color palette. I intended to use fall colors that are still alive to show the liveliness of Ottawa, even through the cold season.

The idea for the illustration came from what community means to me; a bunch of entrepreneurs, business owners, locals, etc. with different backgrounds who, when they wonder together, become our community.

Where can we find more of your work in Ottawa?

On my Instagram at @jazminkatz and my website

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