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Goulburn High School student Alexei Caulfield makes Sydney Conservatory of Music | Goulburn Post

Goulburn High School student Alexei Caulfield makes Sydney Conservatory of Music |  Goulburn Post

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There is no better feeling than when dreams come true. For Goulburn High School student Alexei Caufield, it was a dream to study at the Sydney Conservatory of Music at the University of Sydney. When the recorder found out he was successful, he was over the moon. “For about three to four years, I had been aiming to get into the Sydney Conservatory, and it was good to see it finally within reach,” Alexei said. READ ALSO: Ready to rumble on yet another spectacular car and motorcycle show The 17-year-old, who has studied at the Hume Conservatory for about eight years, said his love of music started in primary school, but the recorder was not always his only option . “I started playing recorder in elementary school when it was a class activity and I liked the idea of ​​pursuing private lessons,” he said. “I also wanted to play the violin, but because I live outside the city, the teacher said I should come into town to do the lessons.” I thought about it and decided to keep playing the recorder because I was really good at it. ALSO READ: Exhibition from Rocky Hill War Memorial Museum nominated for Museums and Galleries Imagine Award “Musical Wonder Child,” as former Hume Conservatory director Paul Scott-Williams referred to him as when he was only 12 years old, not sure where he wants his career but is happy to have the Sydney Conservatory as a springboard. “I’m not sure where I will end up as I’m still in the early stages of my music career but getting into the Sydney Conservatory is a big step because this is where I start studying music more in depth, “Alexei said. I get an idea of ​​what styles I will perform one day and will also make new contacts which will be very useful in the future if I want to collaborate with others. “I also hope to do solo concerts, but I know that to get my name out there, I may have to start with ensemble work.” ALSO READ: Proof of COVID-19 Vaccine Needed to Enjoy New Freedoms Goulburn High School Principal Yogesh Mani congratulated Alexei on his performance and said it was well deserved. “He’s a really hard-working student and I wish him all the best with his future endeavors,” Mani said. “We have a really strong music program at our school.” In class, teachers spend time outside of school hours to provide students with additional learning opportunities. “Alexei was so lucky to take full advantage of the opportunities.” All Alexei Caulfield has to do is finish his HSC, and a place at the Sydney Conservatory is his. Did you know that Goulburn Post now offers news alerts and a weekly email newsletter? Stay up to date with all the local news: sign up below.



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